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Reasons why a ban on the face-veil is self-defeating


The European Court of Justice has declared France’s ban on the face-veil to be legal, because apparently it endangers societal harmony. On the... weiterlesen »

Curious bedfellows


In her new book, Alice Schwarzer is the first to finger a definite culprit in the New Year's Eve incidents in Cologne: "sharia Islam". In her... weiterlesen »

When fear creeps in


The sudden rise of the Pegida movement in Germany has shown that many people here obviously have a deep-seated fear of Islam. Khola Maryam Hubsch... weiterlesen »

Thinly veiled racism


Our outrage over the sexist Muslim male reveals a need to feel superior. It expresses a brand of cultural chauvinism that co-opts feminism as a means... weiterlesen »

Against the mainstream


- why the concept of Hijab is more modern today, than it ever was weiterlesen »

The ban on headscarves constitutes a human rights violation


It cannot be, that women who wear headscarves are forced to choose between their faith and their profession. weiterlesen »

Mercy for All Peoples


The borderline is no longer drawn between believers and non-believers, but between rational humanists and totalitarian radicals. weiterlesen »